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The information below has been left here for redundancy. 
Please disregard unless you have already followed these procedures.

Welcome to the TSF Community and Learning Network.  Orientation:  
Please prayerfully read and re-read the following orientation instructions

When you enroll you will be required to follow all instructions and write a 700 - 1000 word essay after each course.  You will have to do this in your own words, giving your additional insights to the subject through your Biblical research.

In addition, you will have to complete all classrooms that articulate with credit hours and essay points.  This must be done for all 4 Levels and corresponding Degrees to be accredited by TSFTI with transcripts and all documents that pertain.

In order to receive the aforementioned TSFTI package, you must acquire or have a Scholarship from The Sure Foundation Theological Institute.  You may also opt instead for simple Certification for completing all classes and also be eligible for Ministerial Licensing from The Sure Foundation Fellowship.